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Black Friday Deals on FUSO LED Flashlights

FUSO has announced a HOLIDAY SPECIAL OFFER for Thanksgiving and Black Friday. It allows you to save up to 35% on all LED flashlight purchases on the website. This site-wide offer is valid till November 30, 2022.

Are you intrigued to know about the best LED flashlights offered by FUSO? If that sounds yes, then keep reading. Here we will discuss the key features of these LED flashlights, which will help you choose the right light for your applications.

All-in-One LED Flashlight

This is one of the most popular hands free flashlights in use today. It can be used for multiple applications; you can keep them in a glove box, kitchen drawer, camping kit, electric panel, attic, furnace room, and trekking kit. The following features of this flexible LED flashlight has been widely appreciated.

  • The flashlight produces an intense light beam up to 260 feet.
  • You can easily hang, clamp, stick, wrap, and stretch the light or any way you want it.
  • This flexible LED flashlight is available in green and black, red and black, and yellow and black colors.
  • FUSO All-in-One LED flashlight is heavy duty, yet flexible, tough built, compact, and fit for any use.
  • The flashlight is powered by 3AAA batteries and can work for several hours.
  • It can be used indoors and outdoors and remains unaffected by air, sun, water, and other environmental elements.
  • There are two strong magnets on its rear portion, which stick to metal surfaces. This allows users to remain hands-free.

FUSO R160 Multifunction Headlamp

This is a hands-free, rechargeable headlamp, which can be used as an elbow, wrist, work, clip, and safety light. This headlamp has gained popularity for the following reasons.

  • This headlamp is 360 degrees rotatable and produces super bright COB 160 Lumens light.
  • It can be operated in different light control modes, such as – high beam 160 Lm, low beam 60 Lm, red emergency light mode, red SOS mode, and motion sensor mode.
  • The headlamp can be operated for up to 5 hours on a single charge at a 14m beam distance.
  • It can be operated 2.5 hours in high beam mode and 5 hours in low beam mode.
  • R160 multifunction headlamps comes with a fluorescent head and wristband that shines at night.
  • The headlamp has an IPX4 rating, which makes it suitable for most outdoor uses.

EH Multifunction Keychain with Phone Stand

FUSO™ multifunction keychain with phone stand can be used as a bottle and pop can opener, a LED light, and a smartphone stand. These keychain flashlights are available in red, yellow, green, blue, and white colors. The keychain with a phone stand is good for daily use and makes a great gifting item, too. The following features of these multipurpose keychains are well appreciated by users.

  • The keychain has a smartphone stand with four options for hands-free video watching as two orientations (landscape or portrait) x two positions.
  • It features two replaceable CR1220 lithium batteries.
  • This multifunction keychain with phone stand has two slots, one for slim phones and one for thick phones.
  • These keychains are tested for the following parameters – impact resistance, light output, runtime/battery life, and light beam distance.

Grab This Special Holiday Offer!

You can save 35% on all the above-discussed flashlights. Remember, this offer is only valid till November 30, 2022. These flashlights are fast disappearing from our shelves; order yours before they become out of stock!