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Fuso All In One Led Flashlight – Yellow & Black


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This is One Handsfree Flashlight/Torch for Multiple applications – A must to keep for Glove Box, Kitchen Drawer, Tool Box, Camping Kit, Electric Panel, Furnace Room, Attic, Trekking Kit.
LED flashlights have gained popularity over regular flashlights and are today considered secondary sources of light. These flashlights outlast the regular ones and come in handy in many situations when you require a handheld light, wish to focus on an area in the dark for finding lost things, or looking for a reliable and portable beam for finding your way in a dark area. FUSO™ provides one of the most versatile, reliable and effective magnetic bendable/flexible flashlights on the market. This All-in-One LED flashlight – yellow and black is extremely popular. It has never failed to lead people during dark situations! A must have Flashlight

Product Features

The following features of the LED flashlights make them ideal for all situations.

  • The All-in-One LED flashlight – yellow and black is a bright LED flashlight, which produces an intense beam of light up to 260 feet.
  • It is designed to be hands-free and you can easily hang, stick, clamp, wrap, and stretch, the way you want. These features make it a reliable and flexible work flashlight.
  • FUSO™ All-In-One LED flashlight is heavy duty, tough built, compact, flexible, multi-purpose and a perfect fit for any use.
  • You can interact with all colored parts – Rotate the top colored ring for is on/off, the middle colored ring is a for clamp, and the bottom colored ring is for the hanging hook.
  • This All-in-One LED flashlight needs with 3AAA batteries and gives hours of use.
  • The FUSO™ All-In-One LED flashlight can be used outdoors and will remain unaffected by sun, air, water, or anywhere else.
  • These magnetic bendable flashlight is rugged in construction. They are super stretchable, which makes it an easy to use in hard-to-reach areas.
  • The flashlight has two strong magnets on its rear portion that easily sticks on ferrous metal or iron surfaces. This helps keep your hands free.
  • The flashlight’s rear end features a colored hook that can be swiveled to form a hanging hook on automobile hood, camp tent, or any nail/hook.
  • This FUSO™ product is warrantied for 1 year against defects in workmanship and materials used in household applications. This warranty does not cover breakage or misuse at the customer’s end.

Product Description

FUSO™ All-In-One LED Flashlight is reliable, versatile, and multipurpose flexible hands-free flashlights on the market today. One can hang, stick, clamp, wrap, stretch, or even bend it to one’s preferences. Being so flexible, you can literally call it a magnetic extendable torch! This super bright LED with 110 lumens can easily light up 260 feet.
Sturdy construction combined with flexible design makes this multi-purpose FUSO™ All-In-One LED flashlight one of the best work flashlights with magnet in the market! Mechanics can use them in their work areas, where they may want to focus on hard-to-reach areas of the equipment or parts they may be working on. This flashlight with magnet has been used by mechanics for several years now. This reliable and sturdy work flashlight with magnet is also the perfect fit for sports enthusiasts, campers, bikers, hunters, plumbers and plumbing contractors, HVAC contractors, electrical contractors, auto mechanics, home inspectors, doctors, and police officers.

Inner Pack contains 1 Unit (2 x 2 x 11.75 inch, 0.61 lbs Gross Weight)
Master Pack contains 20 Units

For commercial orders and group purchases,
contact us to get a quote!


Why Choose FUSO™ All-In-One LED Flashlight for Your Everyday Use

The flashlight is ideal for day-to-day or emergency use. The following pointers will help you understand it better.

  • The flashlight runs on 3AAA batteries (not included), which assures their long-term performance.
  • The main body of the flashlight is made from durable ABS, and proprietary PP composition for stretchability.
  • It has a 50mm diameter and measures 250mm in length. You can easily stretch it to 575mm.
  • You can include them in your kitchen drawer, car glove compartment, and toolbox or where you may require a dependable light.
  • It is designed in Canada, manufactured in China, promises the highest level of workmanship and utility.

How to Use FUSO™ All-In-One LED Flashlight

FUSO™ All-In-One LED Flashlight is easy to use and manage following the below tips.

  • Rotate the top colored ring for switching on/off this magnetic extendable torch.
  • Rotate the bottom colored ring for changing the battery and the jaws will open which can work as a table clamp.
  • Slide out the top jaw and take out the battery cartridge.
  • You can also rotate the bottom colored ring by using the clamping feature.
  • Place the open jaws on the surface to be clamped on and rotate the colored ring to secure the clamp. The jaws are flexible and made of rubber material and easily clamp onto uneven surfaces.

How to Change the Battery

  • Step 1 :Rotate Colored Ring To Open The Clamp.
    rotate clamp
  • Step 2 :Pull The Tab As Shown – & Slide The Part Out.
  • Step 3 :Hold The Transparent Easy Tab To Pull Out The Battery Compartment.


We all know that every home in North America needs a flashlight. This light is becoming a must-have product in all households. This flashlight is suited for individuals and families. We process high orders of these flashlights every month. Our customer feedback keeps us going. Their words of encouragement have helped us perfect the product after years of research and engineering.

“Got this as a gift for dad. He has many many flashlights and said “I’ve never quite seen one like this before”. He loves the ability to clamp the light to many surfaces, edges, etc. also surprisingly very bright!” – Anthony


Application Areas

Although flashlight is not a new invention and has been around for several years, they were limited by uses. This served as the real inspiration for our first All-In-One LED Flashlight by FUSO™. The FUSO™ All-In-One LED Flashlight seeks inspiration from traditional flashlight but comes across as a hands-free and multifunctional tool that transcends basic usability, and offers a wide array of possibilities to the user. We are amazed by user stories and are happy to acknowledge that the following people have found the magnetic bendable flashlight useful.

Sports Enthusiasts – Whether you are on your bike or hiking a mountain, you can use the EDC LED flashlight. This LED flashlight will keep the world bright around while keeping your hands free to do what you need to do outdoors.

Campers – If camping is where you spend your time, the FUSO™ All-In-One LED Flashlight will become your best friend. The EDC LED flashlight is ideal for hanging in your tent with its convenient neat, compact hook for hands-free light at night. This light exemplifies functionality, diversity, and simplicity.

General Contractors and Professional DIYers – The mechanical flashlight with magnet can be used in workplaces and around home. The high power magnet can easily stick to any ferrous metal surface such as ventilation ducts to metal work benches. The neat, compact hook lets you hang this light anywhere you need to see and its coil function, lets you wrap it around pipes of any type for seeing those tough dark spots.

Shop and At-Home Mechanics – You can use this work flashlight with magnet under the hood and under the car using the hook, magnet, and coil function. You can easily hang it, stick it, or wrap it anywhere you need light. The LED light bulb will also make the darkest corners of your car, truck, or boat, seem like they are under the sun!

Frequently Asked Questions

How to switch on Or Off the flashlight?

The colored ring on top where one can see the lens – Rotate colored ring in clockwise direction to Switch ON and anticlockwise direction to Switch OFF

How to Use it as a clamp to use it as a lamp on my headboard/picnic table?

There is a colored ring towards the bottom of flashlight, Hold the colored ring and rotate in clockwise direction to open the clamp. As you rotate, the opening area for the clamp will increase. Insert open jaw on to object and once positioned well (flat portion of metal bar touches the headboard/table) and start rotating in anti-clockwise direction. Tighten it on surface to enjoy your experience.

Kindly take precautions to avoid scratches or damage to your surface of furniture etc. Please note that the jaws on both ends of clamp are rubberised to protect the surface, and are flexible to take care of little uneven surfaces.

Additional information

Weight 0.55 lbs
Dimensions 11.75 × 2 × 2 in

Green, Yellow, Red


110 lumen

Beam Distance

262 Feet

Impact Resistance

32" (1m)

Run Time

6 Hours

Stretch from

25 to 57cm (9 3/4 to 22")

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