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Fuso Led Flashlight + Multi Function Keychain with Smartphone Stand – Yellow Combo Pack


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  • Super bright 110 lumens led with an intense beam of light up to 260 feet
  • Hands free flashlight: You can Hang-IT, Stick-IT, Clamp-IT, Wrap-IT, Stretch-IT!
  • Heavy duty, tough built, compact, flexible, multi-purpose makes the FUSO™ All-In-One LED Flashlight the perfect fit for any use
  • Runs on 3 AAA batteries (not included) and gives hours of use
  • All colored parts can be interacted with; the top is on/off, the middle is a clamp, the bottom is the hanging hook


FUSO™ All-In-One LED flashlight is one of the most versatile flexible hands free flashlights on the market today. Hang-IT, Stick-IT, Clamp-IT, Wrap-IT, Stretch-IT! Super bright 110 lumens LED with an intense beam of light up to 260 feet.

Heavy duty, tough built, compact, flexible, Multi-Purpose makes the FUSO™ All-In-One LED flashlight the perfect fit for sports enthusiasts, campers, bikers, hunters, plumbers and plumbing contractors, HVAC contractors, electrical contractors, auto mechanics, home inspectors, doctors, police officers. Compact Size yet stretchable feature makes it ideal for hard to REACH areas.

For commercial orders and group purchases,
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Keep one in your kitchen drawer, car glove compartment, tool box or wherever you need quick and dependable light. Runs on 3 AAA batteries (not included) and gives hours of use. This flashlight has a 50mm diameter and 250mm length but can be stretched up to 575mm long. Designed in Canada, manufactured in China. Comes in illustrative gift box window packaging. Ideal for day to day or emergency use.

Rotate the top colored ring for switching the LED flashlight on or off. For changing battery, rotate the bottom colored ring, jaws will open, remove the top jaw by sliding it out and the cartridge for batteries can be taken out. For using the clamping feature, rotate the bottom colored ring for the jaws to open, place the open jaws onto surface then rotate the colored ring to tighten the clamp securely. The Rubberized flexible jaws clamp on uneven surfaces.

“Got this as a gift for dad. He has many many flashlights and said “I’ve never quite seen one like this before”. He loves the ability to clamp the light to many surfaces, edges, etc. also surprisingly very bright!” – Anthony


Rear of flashlight has 2 strong magnets which stick on any iron based Metallic surface for hands free working. Rear end of flashlight has colored hook which can be swiveled up to form a hanging hook. The main Body of flashlight is made out of a flexible and Stretchable Material.

This FUSO™ product carries a warranty against defects in workmanship and materials when used in household applications. This product is not guaranteed against normal wear, breakage or misuse.

We all know that every home in North America needs a flashlight.  Whether your power goes out, or you need to see what’s under the sink or the hood of your car, being able to see when we need to is important.

Being able to see what we’re doing is great, but if we’re limited by what we can do while we’re looking, then what’s the point?

This is the inspiration for our first All-In-One LED Flashlight by FUSO™.  The FUSO™ All-In-One LED Flashlight transforms the traditional flashlight into a hands free and multifunctional tool that transcends basic usability, offering a wide array of possibilities to the user.

Not only does the FUSO™ All-In-One LED Flashlight keep your hands ready for the task, its light bulb and reflector plate is inspired by German high performance automobile headlight design.

This light is quickly becoming a must-have household product that is suited for all individuals and families. The FUSO™ All-In-One LED Flashlight is also well suited for the following people:

Sports Enthusiasts – Whether you’re on your bike or hiking a mountain, this lightweight, versatile LED flashlight will keep the world bright around while keeping your hands free to do what you need to do outdoors.

Campers – If camping is where you spend your time, the FUSO™ All-In-One LED Flashlight will become your best friend.  Ideal for hanging in your tent with its convenient neat, compact hook for hands-free light at night.  This light exemplifies functionality, diversity, and simplicity.

Shop and At-Home Mechanics – Under the hood and under the car, the hook, magnet, and coil function will let you hang it, stick it, or wrap it anywhere you need light.  The LED light bulb will also make the darkest corners of your car, truck, or boat, seem like they are under the sun!


  • Multipurpose keychain includes a Bottle Opener, Pop Can Opener, Emergency led light, and a Smartphone Stand (Portable or Landscape Format holder)
  • Smartphone stand has 4 options (2 position x 2 orientation) for hands free video watching and music listening pleasure
  • Makes a great gift for that person always on the go; a perfect stocking stuffer
  • Uses 2 replaceable CR1220 lithium batteries (included)


FUSO™ SMART multipurpose key chain is a sleek, compact, elegant, robust product. Apart from holding keys together, this product functions as a bottle opener, pop can opener, emergency LED light, and a smartphone stand that permits a real hands free music and video listening/viewing experience. The smartphone stand can be set up in four different ways (2 position x 2 orientation) to fit whatever situation you are in. Uses 2 CR1220 Lithium batteries which if needed can be replaced. Makes a very good gift item, a perfect stocking stuffer.

Usage Instructions: for switching on LED, press the black button on backside of key chain. For opening pop can tabs, use the lip next to the keyring to pry the tab. For opening a bottle, sse the rectangular Metallic Section. To use the smartphone stand, lift open the serrated projections on the plastic part to convert this device into a stand. There are 2 slots, 1st one is for thicker phones, 2nd one is for slimmer phones. You can put your smartphone in portrait or landscape orientation in either slot, depending on your viewing preference. This FUSO™ product carries a warranty against defects in workmanship and materials when used in household applications. This product is not guaranteed against normal wear, breakage or misuse.

For commercial orders and group purchases,
contact us to get a quote!


To prevent damage to eyesight never look directly into the flashlight when light is on. Do not shine light directly into someone’s face. Do not expose to fire or extreme heat/cold. Do not mix old and new batteries and do not mix different type of batteries into same flashlight. Battery must be recycled or disposed of properly as per local Laws.

The simplicity of the FUSO™ EH Keychain opens the doors to versatility and adds functionality to everyday activities like holding your cell phone or giving light to darker situations. This is truly a design that provides value to the everyday lifestyle and transforms the traditional keychain into a smart keychain.

The smallest nuances have been considered when designing this multifunctional tool which lives on your keychain.  The power button for the light itself is made of rubber and placed on the bottom of the housing so the unit doesn’t shake while you’re listening to music or watching a video on your phone.  Every detail has been considered to make this EH Keychain useful and simple while pushing the boundaries of regular keychain design.

Built To Last

Our products are built to last and are tested vigorously to ensure they stand the tests of daily life.  This light has been tested for Impact Resistance, Run Time/Battery Life, Light Output, and Light Beam Distance.

Additional information

Weight 0.64 lbs
Dimensions 11.75 × 3 × 2.5 in

110 lumens

Beam Distance

262 feet

Stretch from

25 to 57cm (9 3/4 to 22")

Impact Resistance

32" (1m)

Run Time

6 Hours

If you’re not completely satisfied with your FUSO purchase you may return it within 30 days of the purchase date for a replacement or full refund. Please fill out this form with your order number and we will send you an easy-to-print return label to send the product back to us. Refunds are deposited back to your original payment method.

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